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Life gets so busy, sometimes important moments slide by. This is one you don't want to miss. Some clients have called them Heirloom Moments. These are images that become part of your family story. 

For us its not just about the final image, it is about the path taken to create it. They should be memorable as well. More than that: fun, engaging, connecting. Time set aside, life on pause, to be part of something special that becomes the image that showcases it all. 

It starts with a conversation, to plan your session. The setting, the style, the look; who will be a part of it, what can be created. 

 In the session, Mark guides the posing and designs lighting that brings out character and feeling. Mostly, it is just fun though!

Inner Spirit of Seniors Photography Sessions are unique. You love what is created there.

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About Mark Laurie

In his 40 years of being a photographer, Mark has had clients from all over the world. He has been a Reality Show judge, had his own tv show and has been studied by a psychologist because of the way he makes women feel great about themselves. He has more awards, literally, than anyone else in his field. 

The  bio of Mark is bigger. He knows his craft but more; he knows how to make you feel safe, important and glamorous. Mark knows how to empower you to be bolder than you have ever imagined.

He is the Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year. Mark holds 4 International Photographer of the Year Awards. 


“ My mom and her friends had a blast getting all made up and then photographed! I will treasure these images forever!”


“I will be able to look back at these images and remember a special time with my granddaughters!”


“Now that my dad is gone I can still look at his smiling face and remember the good times."


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

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Mark would be thrilled to chat with you about what can be created. There is never a better time than now!

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